New Nominating Form


It is preferred that all candidates for Director shall have a working knowledge of AA structure, including Intergroup Council, AA Steps, Traditions and Concepts. Previous service on a non-profit board is preferred, but not required. Knowledge and understanding of, or a commitment to learning, Ohio Revised Code §1702.01 et seq. regarding Ohio nonprofit law is required. All candidates shall disclose/affirm on the AA résumé/application at least all of the following:  That he/she is a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous, actively engaged in the AA recovery program, has a minimum of five (5) years of continuous sobriety and has an AA home group that he/she identifies; Any misdemeanor or felony conviction of a crime of moral turpitude or fraud, theft, embezzlement or similar crime; Any addiction or problem with gambling, gaming, betting, and/or wagering;

  • Sobriety date;
  • Home group;
  • Relevant AA service experience;
  • Relevant work experience; and
  • Relevant education, work and volunteer experience unique to a candidate for Treasurer.

The AA résumé/application shall be signed by the Applicant affirming the accuracy of the information provided. Disclosure, as required in and, shall not necessarily disqualify a candidate from holding office.   The information is requested as the Nominating Committee may only properly perform their function of finding qualified candidates to serve Intergroup if this information is freely disclosed by a potential candidate.

The Nominating Committee and Board of Directors will review and evaluate each potential candidate for the IC Board.  If the members of the Nominating Committee feel the information a potential candidate has provided in response to and is material and should be disclosed to the IC Representatives, the Committee may only make that disclosure if the potential candidate consents in writing to the disclosure.  If the candidate does not consent to the disclosure, that individual will not be included in the list of qualified individuals for nomination to the Board compiled by the Nominating Committee.

It is desired the Board reflect the AA community it serves and diversity is a positive attribute of the Board. In keeping with AA’s Twelve Steps, Traditions and Concepts, the Nominating Committee is reminded that good service leaders are needed at every level of service and that the best-qualified individuals should be sought for these positions. ICM/Board Treasurer shall be elected directly by IC Representatives.  Any candidate for ICM/Board Treasurer shall have knowledge and experience in financial management, banking, financial advising, accounting and/or such other area of industry and study as provides the individual with the unique knowledge necessary to be an effective and efficient Treasurer. 


    The Nominating Committee shall strive to provide at least three times as many nominees as there are open Director positions to be filled at the upcoming election.   

    Individuals vetted by the Nominating Committee and who have agreed to serve on the Board, if elected, shall be nominated by the Chair of the Nominating Committee at the October ICM.

    The Nominating Committee shall provide each IC Representative with a copy of each nominated candidate’s AA approved résumé/application.

    An individual may be nominated for a Board position from the floor, provided he/she previously has provided his/her AA résumé/application, in the form adopted by the Board of Directors, to the IC office no later than five (5) business days before the October ICM.  The IC office will send an electronic copy of the properly-submitted AA résumé/application to all IC Representatives and Board members.  The person to be nominated under this section must bring at least fifty (50) copies of his/her AA résumé/application to the October ICM.   Given that the Nominating Committee would not have had an opportunity to vet the potential candidate, all information provided on the AA résumé/application in response to and must be included and disclosed to the IC Representatives. 

    A blank AA résumé/application, in the form adopted by the Board of Directors, may be found on the Intergroup Council website or may be obtained from the Intergroup Council Office.

    Any eligible individual must be in attendance to accept the nomination at the November ICM unless he/she has notified the Nominating Committee in writing that he/she will accept the nomination, but is unable to attend the November ICM. 

    If the eligible individual is not present and does not send written notification of acceptance, then any nomination made on his/her behalf shall be void. 

    At the November and December ICM, all nominees will present to the IC Representatives an oral résumé of qualifications, not to exceed three minutes.  If a nominee’s absence is excused as provided in 6.3.6, he/she may provide a written statement to be read at the ICM by the Nominating Committee Chair.