East-side Center 1134 Old St. Rt 74 Batavia

1134 Old St. Rt 74 Batavia, OH
PH: 752. 2210 OR PAY PHONE: 752.9543

The Eastside Center will be closed December 24th and 25th. However, Eastside Area Alcathon, which is not connected with the Eastside Center in any way, will be holding meetings around the clock

27th Annual Eastside Area Alcathon

Sunday December 24th 12:01 AM to Tuesday December 26 11:30 PM
Eastgate Holiday Inn 4501 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245

Daily   12:NOON       CD Discussion
Mon    10:00 AM       OD 12/12
Mon    6:30PM           O Beginners
Mon    8:00PM           C Big Book
Tue      10:00 AM       OD Discussion
Tue      6:30PM           CD Discussion
Tue      8:00PM           CD Discussion
Wed    10:00 AM       OD As Bill Sees It
Wed    6:30PM           O Beginners
Wed    8:00PM           O Varies
Thu      10:00 AM       OD Discussion
Thu      6:30PM           CD Discussion
Thu      7:00PM           CD Women’s Meeting
Thu      8:00PM           OL Lead
Fri       10:00 AM       OD Discussion
Fri       6:30PM           O Beginners
Fri       8:00PM           CD Discussion
Fri       10:30PM         CD Candle Light
Sat       9:30AM          OD Discussion
Sat       6:30PM           CD Young People’s
Sat       8:00PM           OL Long Timer Lead
Sun      10:00AM        OL Sunday Sunrise
Sun      6:00PM           C Big Book
Sun      7:30PM           OL Lead

O = Open, C = Closed, D = Discussion, L = Lead/Speaker

Mailing Address 2245 Gilbert Ave Suite 304 Cincinnati, Oh 45206 Entrance at 2300 Florence Ave Cincinnati, OH