Dry Dock Club

3317 Glenmore Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45211
922-1070 OR 922-9931

Sunday10:00 AMODLiving the Dream
Sunday12:00 PMODSpirituality in Sobriety
Sunday6:30 PMOLOld Timers
Sunday8:00 PMODDiscussion
Monday10:00 AMOBBLiving the Dream
Monday12:00 PMODSpirituality in Sobriety
Monday7:00 PMLGlenmore Group
Monday7:15 PMOBBBig Book
Monday8:30 PMODBeginners Class
Tuesday10:00 AMOBBLiving the Dream
Tuesday12:00 PMODSpirituality in Sobriety
Tuesday7:00 PMOBBChainsmokers II
Tuesday8:15 PMODClearing the Fog
Wednesday10:00 AMOBBLiving the Dream
Wednesday12:00 PMODSpirituality in Sobriety
Wednesday7:00 PML (upstairs)It's a Mad Mad World
Wednesday7:00 PMOD WWomen's Meeting
Wednesday8:30 PMOD 12 & 12Discussion
Thursday10:00 AMOBBLiving the Dream
Thursday12:00 PMODSpirituality in Sobriety
Thursday7:00 PMOBBBig Book
Thursday8:30 PMOD (last Thurs. lead)Seriously Sick Group
Friday10:00 AMOBBLiving the Dream
Friday12:00 PMODSpirituality in Sobriety
Friday7:00 PMOBBBig Book
Friday8:15 PMODFight Club
Saturday10:00 AMOBBA Baffled Lot
Saturday12:00 PMODSpirituality in Sobriety
Saturday7:00 PMODLead
Saturday8:30 PMOLLead
Saturday10:00 PMODHobo Campfire

O = Open, L = Lead, D = Discussion, BB = Big Book, W = Womens