12 Step House 5638 Hamilton Ave

Day Time Name Type
Sunday 7:00 PM Pour It Out Chairman’s Choice, Open
Sunday 7:00 PM Women Stepping Up Open, Discussion (Women’s)
Monday 7:00 PM Old Broad Squad (Womens’ Mtg) Open, Big Book, 3rd Monday of month (Women’s)
Tuesday 6:30 AM Early Risers Closed, Discussion
Tuesday 7:00 PM Tuesday Night Talk Open, Discussion
Wednesday 6:30 PM Hamilton Ave Wed Night Big Book Big Book, Discussion, Joe & Charlie Open last week of month
Friday 7:00 PM Came To Believe Discussion, Open 3rd Fri
Friday 10:00 PM Burning Desires Handicap Access, Open, Discussion, Lead last Fri
Saturday 12:00 PM Spiritual Principles at Noon Handicap Access, Open, Discussion
Saturday 7:00 PM Elevator’s Broken Open, Twelve and Twelve
Saturday 10:00 PM Beats The Pokey Open, Discussion